A MAJOR MISCONCEPTION is that the vast majority of scientific discoveries that identify the causes and cures of human disease come from investigations centered at major for-profit biopharmaceutical companies. In reality, many groundbreaking discoveries come from academic laboratories where growing numbers of investigators must compete for often declining grant resources.

THE REWARDS of philanthropically supporting research initiatives of the BWH Program in Dermatopathology are multiple, representing an investment with numerous dividends, including:

Partnering for a Cure… Philanthropic support for Program in Dermatopathology initiatives are not only the lifeblood of taking existing discoveries to the bedside, as well as fueling bold new experimental approaches not possible through traditional funding, but also represent the establishment of true partnerships with the research team. Sponsors will be regularly updated as to the progress that their generosity enables and included in on-site visits and on-line resources in recognition of their key research partnership roles.

Promoting Team Science… Contributing to Program in Dermatopathology research drives the activities and synergistic productivity of a multidisciplinary research team that involves basic scientists, pathologists and dermatopathologists, and even bioengineers and amphibian biologists! Through formal relationships with the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Harvard Stem Cell Institute, a ‘dream team’ of investigators with complementary expertise and insights promotes confidence and insures meaningful progress in the fight against skin disease.

Pushing the Boundaries of Therapy… A major goal is to develop ‘smart’, targeted therapies that replace those that indiscriminately kill normal cells our that thwart inflammation non-specifically. Philanthropic partnerships with the Program in Dermatopathology makes possible advances that will ‘go for the jugular’ of melanoma, defective wound healing, and skin inflammation.

Pioneering Beyond Skin… Advances in the understanding of skin stem cells and how they may be harnessed to promote tissue regeneration have implications beyond skin, such as the repair of damaged hearts and regeneration of nerves and spinal cord.

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